Micro Cap IPO - Merger & Acquisition and Public Market Exit Services for Investor Backed Ventures

We help entrepreneurs create and sell equity. Internet, cannabis & sustainability venture focused. We invest in client companies. Business Development, Contract CFO & Investment Banking Services.

We focus on complicated start up or early stage growth company projects for clients in the Internet and Cannabis industries.

We help entrepreneurs build companies faster, accelerating their wealth creation, and create stock exits for business owners and their investors.

We have working relationships with private and publicly traded companies that invest in and acquire companies. 

We have extensive Internet and Cannabis industry venture experience.

Tom Cifelli, our Managing Director, is a uniquely cross trained professional with the following experience snapshot:

  • practicing corporate and tax law for over 30 years (licensed in Arizona - see www.TomCifelliLaw.com) with wide practice area expertise;
  • 15 years public accounting experience as a CPA including financial audits, tax planning, and forensic accounting;
  • held investment securities brokerage, real estate brokerage and insurance brokerage licenses;
  • served as General Counsel with Internet and ancillary cannabis ventures;
  • served as CFO (chief financial officer) with a publicly traded Internet company and private ancillary cannabis ventures;
  • served as Managing Director of Investment Banking with broker-dealer firms;
  • co-founder, CFO, General Counsel and Business Development Officer with one of the world's first publicly traded Internet e-commerce companies in 1997, EBIZ Enterprises.

Disclaimer: Nothing herein is to be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. All information on this site should be independently verified and may be dated. No offering of any investment, or solicitation of any investors, is made hereby.
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