Micro Cap IPO - Strategic Business Development, Contract CFO and Investment Banking Services for Emerging Growth Companies

Small Public Offering Services for Emerging Growth Companies

Public Offerings:

We focus on private offerings and helping execute subsequent liquidity events for investors and founders. We can and sometimes do however manage a public offering, either by negotiating with a FINRA member managing underwriter or by project managing a direct public offering, a little understood but highly sophisticated and effective method of raising public capital for suitable companies without need of retaining a managing underwriter.

Direct IPOs:

Direct IPOs (Direct Public Offerings or DPOs) are rarely used although very viable today with the maturity in Internet social media and social networks. Our Regulation A services can and will be increasingly structured as DPOs.

DPOs could become one of the most exciting developments in corporate finance over the next 10 years as issuers and regulators get increasingly comfortable with offering publicly registered investment securities to the public without a managing underwriting firm.
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