Micro Cap IPO - Specialized Investment Banking

Contract CFO and Specialized Investment Banking Services

Micro Cap IPO, LLC provides performance and retainer based Contract CFO and specialized investment banking services.

We facilitate strategic business development projects including raising investment capital, assisting with staying compliant with associated rules and regulations, and assisting with investor and founder liquidity events/exits (including going public in the US or on offshore exchanges, merging with publicly trading companies, or selling to acquisitive larger organizations growing via strategic acquisitions).

Our team has the following applicable career experience:
  • coaching and guiding startups on creating high performance boards and executive teams
  • practicing corporate, securities, intellectual property and tax law;
  • practicing public accounting;
  • financial auditing;
  • general counsel with public companies;
  • chief financial officer with public companies;
  • business development officer with public companies;
  • managing director of investment banking with NASD/FINRA broker-dealer firms;
  • founding an Internet start-up and using DPO methods to built it quickly into a $100 million market cap OTC BB public company
Disclaimer: Nothing herein is to be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. All information on this site should be independently verified and may be dated. No offering of any investment, or solicitation of any investors, is made hereby.
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