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CFO Services, Company Funding and Acquisitions, and Investor Exit Solutions

We acquire and fund companies that are good candidates for being publicly traded small cap emerging growth stocks. We also provide interim associated CFO services where existing owners retain control but need more depth to handle the complexity of being investor backed and either publicly trading or positioned for a strategic acquisition. 

We only work with companies focused on building shareholder value and committed to early risk capital investor exits.

Our Services and Company Selection Criterion:

We want to talk to you if your company has the following healthy characteristics:

  • competent and honest management team,
  • real revenues with demonstrated sales growth, 
  • re-occurring (residual) revenue component model, 
  • customer stickiness (high retention), 
  • efficient customer acquisition model, and
  • business development uses for a public currency (trading stock).
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Frequently Asked Questions:

#1: What is public solicitation and what is the downside of violating the rules? 
Read a short explanation from a securities attorney by clicking here. Note however that the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act modifies these prohibitions. The SEC was charged with issuing by September 2012 the new regulations governing the exemption for certain Regulation D Rule 506 private offerings from the prohibition against general solicitation and advertising. Proposed regs have been out for sometime and as written suffice; however, as not uncommon delayed issuance or overly cumbersome regulatory action is preventing realization of the benefits of this Jobs Act first step toward modernizing the USA's antiquated 80 year old restraint on freedom of commercial investment and business development speech (the 1933 Securities and Exchange Act). Today's restraints on freedom of investor solicitation and the public's right to learn about and participate in business development financing is simply due to the continued fear, power & job maintenance based paternalistic "command and control" nature of bureaucratic regulatory staff and perhaps well minded but confused supporters of government over-regulation verses stricter penalties and enforcement for false, misleading and materially omiscient disclosures.

#2: What are private offering exemptions for soliciting US investors? 
Click here for SEC information on the most popular and powerful private offering exemption. The Jumpstart Our Business StartUps Jobs Act, signed into law April 5, 2012, creates new rules for "emerging growth companies" and others that allows use of public media and general advertising in connection with private offerings provided only qualified investors are permitted to invest.

#3: What is the easiest manner to meet requirements for public offering in the USA? 
Click here for SEC advisory.

#4: Where can I find a good overview from the SEC discussing public and private offering rules? 
Click here.

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Most Recent News of Interest:

  • Our website upgrade is in process - soon www.MicroCapIPO.com will be a unique non-FINRA regulated truly independent and conflict free crowd fund site. 
  • Read this FINRA guidance to give you some idea of what basic due diligence requires.
  • To understand the rules governing payment of finder fees and commissions to unlicensed investment brokers in connection with private and public investment offerings, click here.
  • Here is the August 29, 2012 SEC release with the proposed rules allowing general solicitation with qualifying private offerings mandated by The Jobs Act Sec. 201:Click Here to view SEC proposed rules.
  • Click here to read the August 29, 2010 opening statement by SEC Chairman Mary Shapiro in connection with release of the first round of proposed regulations required under the Jobs Act.
  • Raising Private Capital and Small Public Offerings - The Game is Changing. Click Here to Read Why
Recent Major SEC Developments:

The "Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act" passed May 5, 2012, most often referred to as the "JOBS Act," aims to make raising investment capital easier and reducing the requirements for emerging growth companies to be publicly traded.  

The new  ‘‘CROWDFUND Act’’ 
rules allow raising up to $1,000,000 from non-accredited investors in small chunks ($2,000 limit from an investor unless they meet higher income guidelines) using social media networking in connection with private offerings and relax the rules for identifying qualified investors in start-ups and emerging growth companies.

While the Crowdfund Act may never prove that valuable due to small offering size limits and the compliance complexity expected in the new related regulations when they issue, the allowance of public solicitation in connection with 506 private offerings to only high net worth investors will encourage small broker-dealers to reenter the alternative investment market. This will really help small to medium sized business and create good new jobs in the US. This will also increase interest in the microcap and penny stock markets as many small publicly trading companies below Wall Street and most investors radar will be able to use new 506 offerings to fund growth initiatives including executing on synergistic accretive acquisition strategies if they have Contract CFO skills within their management team. 

Disclaimer: Nothing herein is to be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. All information on this site should be independently verified and may be dated. No offering of any investment, or solicitation of any investors, is made hereby.


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